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Updates here at Minikin Manor!

First, our available puppies have been updated! You will begin to see some new names and new faces. Keep reading to find out more!

One of the hardest things about breeding and raising dogs is letting these guys and girls go to their new homes. It's kind of bittersweet. We love them and they are forever our babies. But we know they have to go on and be part of their forever families. Plus, seeing them thrive in their home and be someone's love of their life couldn't be any more rewarding. It's like raising kids; at some point they will begin their life and as heart breaking as it is, we know it is part of them growing up. We just lay the ground work to set them up for success as much as we can! Where it gets even harder is when we have to find homes for our adults. These are our family members. Some are completely heart breaking to let settle into their own homes. But unfortunately; as a breeder you can't realistically keep every dog, as it is not fair to them. We are always striving to improve our puppies. Whether that is to meet breed standard, to improve temperaments, to improve the health of our dogs, because this dog is producing a problematic trait, whatever the reason. We are always looking to move forward to meet our high expectations we set for ourselves and our dogs. Each generation is supposed to be moving forward from the previous. Behind some of our dogs we have as many as 6-7 generations of our breedings. If we kept every dog we raised that either had one litter and didn't pair well, had complications, didn't mature well, aged out of breeding, etc...It would lead to out of control numbers of dogs that we would have to divide our time between. That would mean less one on one time, and we wouldn't get the privilege of getting to know each of our dog’s personalities, quirks, and just enjoy them fully. So we make a lot of hard decisions in the best interest of our dogs. We do find homes for adults that will transition well. But adult dogs do require patience before they come around and transfer that bond they had here with us to their new families; it can take weeks. So we are extremely particular where these guys and girls end up! It's not that we don't absolutely love and adore these guys and girls. They are our lives here. Each day revolves purely around them and spoiling and loving them! We always put what is best for them first! That being said, you may start to notice many of your favorites here no longer being up on the website. They are likely being retired from breeding, and their future generation will be taking over their lines. We will have a lot of changes coming in the near future, it's both exciting and sad. That is part of breeding for improvements and generational breeding.

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