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Prices shown are pet prices.

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Puppies will be evaluated at 5-6 weeks of age for energy level, drive, temperament, and personality to provide better matches with the proper homes. At this point prices and availability will be determined.

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Eddie X Reddi 4/13/2022

Buster x Diva 5-26-22

This litter will be Medium/larger toys potentially hitting the very bottom of Mini on the largest babies. Intelligence will be a strong point in this cross as will athleticism. Earsets in Diva's kids can be a little high occasionally. But they are the most devoted, focused, and trainable puppies you could ask for. They can be a little stranger wary initially, but with proper socializing, come out of it just fine! It comes with the intelligence.



Buster is 12" and 10lbs. Quirky. sweet, and fun to be around! He is highly intelligent, and always up for just about anything!



Diva is 14" and 18lbs. She is an extremely intelligent girl with rich copper, soulful eyes, and a strong will to please her people.

Red Tri Male 1

This guy is more of the calm thinking type. A little heavier boned, looking to mature around 12.5-13 inches.

Available as a pet for $1200.


Black tri female

This girl is extremely intelligent, evaluating everything. You can see her wheels spinning. She will likely mature to 12.5-13" and 15-18lbs.

Spoken for!

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Red Merle Male 1

This guy is Sweet and social with a touch more energy! He is a definite velcro puppy. Estimated to mature to 11-12" and 10-13lbs.



Blue Merle Male

This guy is a sweet guy, social, and a very curious puppy. He is looking to mature 12.5-13.5" and 16-18lbs.

Available as a pet for $1800.

Red Merle Male 2

This guy is very stocky, intelligent and built like an athlete. Estimated to mature to 12.5-14" and 16-20lbs.

Available as a pet for $1600


Red Tri Male 2

This guy is a sweet guy. More of a home body. He evaluates new things before jumping in. He is looking to mature 12-13" and 12-14lbs.

Available as a pet for $1100.


Eddie x Peach 5-12-22

This litter should be small to medium toys, confident, and make for great social butterflies with proper socializing. They will likely be velcro kids, and become  like a permanent shadow to their person.



Eddie is full of breed type. You'd never know he is an 8lb dog. He is highly intelligent and nearly everything this breed calls for. His babies are phenomenal little companions.



Peach is just sweet. Her babies are quirky, often times little divas, and they quickly become the light of your day.

Red tri female

This little girl is super sweet, social, and outgoing. She is also a little girl. She is full of personality, and guaranteed to have her new parents wrapped around her paws in no time!

Spoken for! Congratulations Sue!


Red merle female

This girl is sweet, gentle, and full of affection. She just wants to be with people!



Black tri male 1

This guy is a tiny guy, confident, and very sweet. He's going to be a great little sidekick!

Available as a pet for $1250


Black tri male 2

This little guy is extremely confident, no fear of even the largest of dogs. He just jumps right in and plays his heart out! He is a blast, and the perfect example of a big personality in a tiny package.

Spoken for!

Black tri male 3

This guy is a well rounded puppy. He is a bit more of a thinker, and one of the larger two in the litter. He can also self entertain a little better than his other siblings!

Available as a pet for $1200


Red merle male

This guy is one of the larger puppies as well! He is a sweet puppy, loves his toys, and is pretty easily entertained. 

Available as a pet for $1500



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