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UPCOMING PUPPIES - 2022-03-21T225125_edited.

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Prices shown are pet prices.

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Puppies will be evaluated at 5-6 weeks of age for energy level, drive, temperament, and personality to provide better matches with the proper homes. At this point prices and availability will be determined.

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Chaos x Cinder 12/28/23



Chaos is a red merle male with very intense copper. He is a little guy at barely 10lbs, but he is all Aussie! Intelligent, biddable, and agile.

(Sire of the litter, not available)



Cinder is the littermate to Luna, she is a very intelligent girl that would follow her person off a cliff (not that we'd ever let that happen!) This girl worships her people and the ground they walk on.

(Dam of litter, not available)


Mars is a stocky boy, with bold copper, and a heavier coat. He is the kind of puppy that will investigate things before jumping in.

Est: 12lbs

Available as a pet: $1600



Sparky is an itty bitty guy! He should top out around 6 lbs. This guy is a velcro puppy, he loves with his whole heart. He worships and lives for his person! You'll never be loved as much as you will be by Sparky!

Est: 6lbs
Available as a pet $1600

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Bjorn x Siggy 2/6/24



Bjorn is a breathtaking boy! He is a gorgeous example of the breed. He has a beautiful coat, bone, and substance. Everyone is a friend in his eyes. Bjorn is 15" and 18lbs.

(Sire of the litter, not available)



Siggy is a perfect cross of her parents, Titan and Luna. She is striking, blocky, and a sweet girl! Siggy is 14.5" and 16lbs.

(Dam of litter, not available)


Apollo is a minimal white boy, he has a gorgeous coat, heavy bone, and rich copper (which is coming in on his face). He is a sweet, friendly, and outgoing boy!

Est: 13-15lbs

Available as a pet: $1400



Chronos is the softer personality in the litter, he is a sweet boy and will be a great little shadow. He is a stocky boy, with two brown eyes, a heavy coat, and built like a little tank!
Est: 14-16lbs

Available as a pet: $1600

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If you are looking for a puppy that you can’t find, let us know! When we have one available that meets your needs, we will let you know!

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