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Prices shown are pet prices.

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Puppies will be evaluated at 5-6 weeks of age for energy level, drive, temperament, and personality to provide better matches with the proper homes. At this point prices and availability will be determined.

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Atlas x Stormy 12-31-22



Atlas is one of our new boys! He is out of Belle and Ace. This guy is 12.5" and 14lbs. He is a gorgeous boy that I expect to see great things from!



Stormy is a striking girl, sweet, and easy to live with. She commands attention. Due to complications, she was spayed and this is her final litter!

Blue merle male 1

This guy is a very thick boy! He has a nice blocky head and  a nice cross between Stormy and his grandma Belle! His ears are rose folds, which will look less awkward with maturity!

Available as a pet for $2000


Black tri male

This guy is the perfect little buddy with the most perfect little wiggle butt! Every morning he wiggles to the point he dances as he walks! He is the lone tri in this litter, but every bit as striking and thick as his siblings!

Available as a pet $1400


Gizmo x Elsa 12-27-22

IMG_5995 (1).JPG


Gizmo is one of a kind, he is 10" and 7.5lbs and makes some of the sweetest most fun kids. This is likely his last litter!



Elsa is a tiny girl! But she has no fear and is not one to bark! She is a soulful and intelligent girl. Her kids are typically constant entertainment!


Tiny red merle male

This guy is tiny, but still runs laps around the bigger puppies! He is so much fun to watch play  and like a tiny agility prospect! He will of course take time out for loving with no second thoughts!

Available as a pet $2000

Titan x Luna 2-12-23



Titan is pretty much what everyone wants in these smaller sizes. A dog that looks just like the larger counterparts, without losing the intelligence, breed type, and traits! His babies have been the best little partners in crime!



Luna is just a striking girl. It's hard to look at her and not see that she is a work of art! This girl is a true athlete, well built, and highly intelligent!

Blue merle male

This boy is a confident, sweet, and intelligent puppy. I expect him to be on the larger end of toy to small mini  topping out somewhere in the 17-20lb range. This guy will be stocky, with a nice blocky head and that big dog build and look!

Available as a pet $2200


Blue merle female

This girl is the bigger of the two. I expect her to top out as a small mini, in the 18-20lb range. She has the coat, the bone, structure, and breed type everyone is looking for in these smaller dogs. Plus, she is just a sweet and fun baby!


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