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UPCOMING PUPPIES - 2022-03-21T225125_edited.

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Prices shown are pet prices.

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Puppies will be evaluated at 5-6 weeks of age for energy level, drive, temperament, and personality to provide better matches with the proper homes. At this point prices and availability will be determined.

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Titan x Belle 5-2-23



Titan is one of a kind. He is built like a huge dog in a 20lb package. Everything about this guy is sturdy, he is extremely intelligent, devoted to his people, and eager to please. He also makes some pretty nice looking babies!


image1 (3).jpeg


Belle is one of our biggest assets to our program. She has made her mark with gorgeous, well balanced babies! This will be her last litter, and she will be retired and live out her days as a pet! This girl has had a cult like following for a reason!

Black tri female blue eyes

This girl will do best in a semi active home. She is not completely non stop, but is by no means a couch potato. She will protest if she is locked up, which were working on! She is a thinker, and going to be a very intelligent girl!

Est size: 12.5" 12-14lbs



Blue merle female Blue eyes

This girl will be a perfect shadow! She is up for a crazy day or a lazy day. She would do best in a family as an only pet. She is more of an alpha dog. She is the kind of dog that would thrive with training and learning tricks!

Est size: 12.5-13" 14-16lbs


norse ring longer.png

Atlas x Lyric 5-16-23


Atlas is a gorgeous boy out of Belle and Ace. He has such big dog features in a smaller 13lb 12.5" package. He is a younger male, but is definitely a looker and has already produced some great looking babies!



Lyric is very much stamped by Milli! She is a 10lb and 11.5" girl, very sweet and full of personality. This girl can smile! This is her first litter, and she did not disappoint!




Little Ozzy is a sweet little guy, he thrives on attention and loves to just sit in your lap or right against you. This guy is a very special little personality and will be the best little shadow!

Est size: 10-11" 8-10lbs




This girl is tiny but mighty, so she needed a big name. She is nicknamed after Lzzy Hale. She is up for anything and into everything! If you forget her, she will remind you. She might be a touch spoiled.

Est size: 10-11" 8-10lbs


norse ring longer.png

Dice x Valkyrie 6-26-23


Dice is a striking boy, with a gorgeous coat, striking copper mask, and two blue eyes. He has the sweetest most playful and goofy personality. Dice is 11" and 10lbs.



Valkyrie is a sweet, affectionate girl that can play fetch for as long as you will. Her babies are sweet, bubbly, and happy. They are social little kids!



Tiny Black tri female

This girl is tiny, sweet, and a tiny bit spoiled and clingy. Yes, her ears stand up, which makes her look more like a tiny corgi. But she is all Aussie! She should top out around 10lbs.

Spoken for!



Black tri female

This girl is a smiler! She is loaded with personality You'll never be bored with this girl! She has a thick coat, sweet personality, and gorgeous markings! Estimated to mature to 14-15lbs.


Available as a pet $1200

norse ring longer.png

Eddie x Rainy 5-27-23


Eddie is a gorgeous example of a big dog look in a tiny package. He is only 8lbs. He produces some of the sweetest babies!



Rainy is a happy, fun, playful girl who loves to cuddle. She is a tiny little girl at 6 lbs, with a big personality!



Red Tri Male

This guy is tiny! He is a playful, sweet, entertaining boy that loves his toys, treats, and friends that aren't intimidating. This guy is definitely a special guy to us that needs a very loving home!

Available as a pet for $900


norse ring longer.png

Eddie x Peach 7-19-23



Peach produces some of the most social, quirky, fun babies. She is a bigger girl, but rarely has a baby break the 10lb mark!




Eddie is a gorgeous example of a big dog look in a tiny package. He is only 8lbs. He produces some of the sweetest babies!

Red tri Female

This girl has a sweet face, very expressive, fun, and happy. She will have her new family wrapped around her finger in no time! 

Est: 12lbs

Spoken for!


Red tri male

This guy is quirky! He looks so mad, but he just wants love! He is a little guy, with a big personality.

Est: 10-12lbs

Available as a pet $1400


Black tri female

You'll never get away from this girl! She is the definition of a velcro puppy!

Est: 10lbs

Available as a pet $1000


Red tri male split face

This guy has a split face (half white). He is a softer personality, but also a sweet guy! He is going to be the typical Peach "shadow" puppy.


Available as a pet $900


norse ring longer.png

Legend x Eden 7-19-23


Legend is our newest addition here! He is a homegrown boy out of Luna and Rocky. He is 14lbs. His adult photos are pending as we just made it through an awfully hot summer!



Eden is another one of our newer homegrown kids. She is out of Helix and Buster and is 13.5lbs. Just like Legend, we are waiting on our weather to be picture friendly! 



Dark blue merle female

This girl is sweet, goofy, and playful! She is just a happy girl!

Spoken for!


Tiny black tri female

This girl is tiny, and lives for giving kisses! This girl will be one of those entertaining puppies!

Available as a pet $1400

Blue merle female 2

This girl has one blue eye and one half blue/half brown. She notices everything and loves playing!
Est: 14-15lbs

Available as a pet $1750


Blue merle female 3

This girl is all about the kisses and the toys! Her ears may go up, they may settle.
Est: 12-14lbs

Available as a pet $1500



Larger Black tri female

This girl is stocky, fluffy, social, and very well marked! Estimated: 15lbs


norse ring longer.png

Titan x Luna 8-5-23


Titan is just a gorgeous, solid, well built, well mannered boy! There is so much this guy has to offer! He is 14.5" and 20lbs.



Luna is built beautifully, has the most striking colors, and has so much grace. She is an athlete, and so quick both physically and mentally!


Black tri Female

This girl is stocky, heavily coated, and more importantly...she is staying!


Blue merle male

This guy is the smaller of the two, he is looking to top out around 12-14lbs currently. He absolutely adores people, but at this age mom still wins!

Available as a pet $2000


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If you are looking for a puppy that you can’t find, let us know! When we have one available that meets your needs, we will let you know!

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