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Height: 13.8"

Weight: 16lbs
Sire: Loki

Dam: Cinder


Ivy is a beautifully put together homegrown girl, with beautiful copper markings, two blue eyes, and very bold coloration. She is extremely well angulated, heavy bones, and has a gorgeous coat.

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/M  PRA/PRCD:N/N M-locus: m/M266  S-locus: S/S

Ivy website 2.png
IMG_9018b.png - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 11"

Weight: 8lbs

Sire: Marley

Dam: Peach 


Fate is another beautiful home grown girl, also very well built, a thick coat, a great head and ear set. She perfectly resembles the larger Australian Shepherds. Medium drive.

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD:N/N - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 13.5"

Weight: 14lbs
Sire: Lindsey's Deep Seat Gambler "Dice"

Dam: Minikin Manor's One Hot Diva


Luna is a beautifully built, sweet girl. She has phenomenal angles, intelligence, agility, topline, and overall conformation. This girl has a bright future, and will do great things!


IMG_1403.jpg - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png


Height:  12.5"

Weight: 15lbs
Sire: Loki

Dam: Valkyrie 


Torvi is a very correct homegrown girl, with a beautiful head, rich copper, and bold markings. This girl has a bright future ahead of her! Her personality and temperament are impossible to beat! She is always happy and enjoying life!

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD:N/N - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 13.75"

Weight: 17lbs
Sire: Titan

Dam: Luna 


Siggy is a homegrown girl with so much potential! She is a phenomenal combination of both Titan and Luna. This girl is built like a tank! 


IMG_9198c.jpg - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 11.25" 

Weight: 8lbs

Sire:  Eddie

Dam: Stormy


Tempest is a sweet little girl, a perfect example of a big Aussie trapped in a little package! She is fast, agile, and very athletic. This girl definitely has a huge future here!

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/M   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD:N/N   M-locus: m/m   S-locus: S/S - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 12"

Weight: 14lbs

Sire: Loki      

Dam: PJ


Skye is a gorgeous blue merle girl, with a blocky head, and big coat. She has rich copper points and two blue eyes. This girl is everything an Aussie should be, down to the intelligence and silly grins!


IMG_6858.png - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 10.5"

Weight: 10lbs
Sire: CH Lindsey's Deep Seat Gambler 'Dice' 

Dam: CH Lindsey's Polly Pockets


PJ is a tiny girl, with bold copper and tons of coat! She has a great topline, ear set, and overall conformation. She is every bit as sweet as Polly Pockets, wanting nothing more than to be with her people!

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD:N/N - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 12.75"

Weight: 20lbs
Sire: Rebel

Dam: Abby


Helix is a gorgeous girl, and nearly a clone of her sire Rebel! She has his great temperament, loves her water playtime, and would spend all day in your lap if you let her!

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD: N/N

IMG_4913.JPG - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 13.5"

Weight: 18lbs

Sire: Rebel

Dam: Abby


Zoe is a beautiful homegrown girl, with flashy markings, two blue eyes and a personality that instantly causes anyone to love her. She is always happy, wiggling, and ready to take on the day with her people!

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD:N/N - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png

Height: 13.5"

Weight: 16lbs

Sire: Dice

Dam: Diva


Cinder produces some of the sweetest, most intelligent babies. She is a beautiful girl and littermate to Luna! This girl has produced  both Titan and Ivy. She loves to fetch and always up for kisses!

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1: M/N   PRA/PRCD:N/N

IMG_7657.JPEG - 2023-10-29T201423.534.png


Height: 11.5"

Weight: 8lbs

Sire: Dice

Dam: Polly Pockets


Milli is a tiny little girl! She has a beautiful, correct, small toy Aussie! She has a great coat, topline, and angles. She looks like a very shrunken down version of the larger Australian Shepherd counterparts! Milli has a medium drive, sweet temperament, and is very intelligent.


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