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Est Height: 11.5"
Weight: 10lbs
Whelped: 12/04/2021
Sire: Buster
Dam: Dakota
Link is a gorgeous, boldly marked male, that looks so much like his dad. This guy has unlimited potential! He also has a very sweet, gentle personality, medium drive, all in a tiny package!



Est Height: 13.5"
Weight: 25lbs
Whelped: 1/03/2022
Sire: Loki
Dam: Cinder 
Titan is loaded with potential, with a heavy coat, two blue eyes, basically a perfect example of a "unicorn." Medium drive. Sweet, highly intelligent, and easy going

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:pending   PRA/PRCD:N/N   M-Locus: m/M220

Est Height: 11.5"
Weight: 12lbs
Whelped: 1/21/2021
Sire: Rebel

Dam: Reddi
Blue is such a fun and highly intelligent girl. She is the perfect farm dog to help with chores, then melts in our lap. She is always waiting for her next command and wants to please her people constantly. She has two blue eyes. Medium drive.

CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:N/N  PRA/PRCD: N/N  M-Locus: m/m


Est Height:  12"
Weight: 12lbs
Sire: Rocky
Dam: Secret 
Mochi is just a ball of happiness, everything about this girl will put a smile on your face! She is dripping in coat, gorgeous bone and structure. This girl is definitely one to watch!

Est Height: 13.5"
Weight: 20lbs
Whelped: 1/03/2022
Sire: Loki

Dam: Cinder

Ivy is a gorgeous girl, with less white and two blue eyes. She is one that belongs in the show ring like her brother Titan. This girl will be an exciting one to watch mature!​
CD:N/N   CEA:N/N   CMR1:N/N   DM:N/N   HC:N/N   MDR1:pending   PRA/PRCD:N/N  M-Locus: m/M266


Est Height: 11.5" 
Weight: 11lbs
Whelped: 11/06/2021
Sire:  Gizmo

Dam: Kindle
Tinder is a beautiful combination of Gizmo and Kindle, with a gorgeous head, expression and conformation. She definitely has a huge future here!