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Minikin Manor is a small family breeder of quality toy sized Australian Shepherds located in central Texas. All of our dogs and puppies are raised as pets and members of our family. We are blessed with the opportunity to get to know each as an individual, learn their quirks, and see which puppies inherit them! Our dogs and puppies are not raised in a kennel situation, as this takes away from them getting to be a dog, enjoy their time running and playing, and getting to lounge around inside during lazy days.

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Our breedings are carefully planned, taking into consideration quality, temperament, genetic health, and past pairings. We are there for each mom during whelping, right by her side so we can monitor and comfort her throughout the process. We camp out with mom and her puppies for the first week or two, just to be sure everyone gets a strong start, and mom doesn't show any signs of problems. Our puppies are raised indoors, underfoot, and spoiled constantly. We incorporate Puppy culture, ENS, and the latest information into how we raise our puppies! It's always so exciting to introduce each puppy to the world, and all the new experiences within it! We get to learn each individual puppy, their personalities, and what makes them special. They are our kids. 
We are always available before, during and after you bring your new family member home. Whether it's for questions, advice, concerns, or for puppy updates (our favorite!).

Minikin is derived from obsolete and middle Dutch which loosely translates to something that is small, dainty, affectionate, and beloved. That is just how we see our Aussies. They are not just pets, they are companions and members of the family. You will never come across a breed more loyal and eager to please you than an Australian Shepherd!

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Thank you for contacting us, We'll be in touch soon! Please, check your spam folder if you do not hear back.

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