Shots and when is it safe to bring your new puppy out?

Puppy shots are extremely important to keep up on. Shots are normally given starting at 6-7 weeks, and for every 3 weeks after until the puppy is 15-16 weeks old. Some veterinarians will recommend a follow up vaccine 3 weeks after that as well. After the final shot of the series, a booster is given one year later. Additional booster shots are normally given every 1-3 years depending on your vet.


It can take as long as 14 days for the shots to fully protect your dog/puppy. The general rule is not to take your dog out until 14 days after the third vaccine. However, this is kind of a do it at your own risk decision. If you do happen to take your puppy out that early, it is recommended you do not place it down where it can come in contact directly with other dogs or their feces.


Some dogs are more sensitive to certain ingredients in the vaccines, I have had dogs have reactions to the six in one shots, but handle the five in one without an issue. Definitely keep an eye on your dog for about 15-30 minutes after their shots to be sure they do not have any reactions.


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