Teaching your puppy to Sit

Sit is a useful command when you need to catch your Aussie, building up to the next command, or just showing off how smart your puppy is. Remember; your puppy does not speak or understand English, so telling them to sit or how to does nothing for you or them. You will need to first shape the action. There are two ways I approach the sit command, it really just depends on the dog.


Method 1: Hold a treat to your puppy’s nose, make sure to use something that really gets their attention. Slowly move the treat up and slightly back causing them to look straight up. As they follow the treat with their head their back side should lower. Be sure to praise them and give them the treat as soon as their butt hits the floor. If they jump at the treat pull it back and say no or ah ah. After they seem to have it down pretty well you can add the sit command to the action.


Method 2: Apply light pressure on the dogs lower back/hips. You can try holding a treat above the dogs head slightly. Once their butt touches the floor praise them and give them the treat. As they learn the action you will no longer need to press their back at all. Once they have it down smoothly add the vocal command.


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