Potty Training

One very important thing to teach your puppy is where to go potty. This is much easier to do when you get a puppy from a breeder rather than a pet store or puppy mill environment. Puppies learn at a young age about hygiene and cleanliness. If they grow up and are cleaned by their mother and kept in a clean environment they are much easier to potty train. On the other hand, if they are kept in a dirty environment or small cage where they sit in their own feces they will learn that it’s okay. Often puppies that grow up like this are next to impossible to potty train.


On our small puppies we use training pads. To begin we keep them in a small area with a training pad or two down on the floor. They will quickly learn that the pad is for potty breaks and begin running to the pad every time the urge hits. Being young puppies and very small they will have to go often and will have the occasional accident. This is normal and will get better as they get older. All of our puppies have been started on pad training starting when they no longer rely on mom for that.


You can train them to ask to go outside every time they need to go, or even ring a bell/wind chimes to let you know they need to go outside. With such an intelligent breed the possibilities are endless, it all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in.







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