Our Boys

Int CH A Little Bit of Bob Marley

CH Lindsey's Deep Seat Gambler "Dice"

MardiGras of Minikin Manor

Height: 10"              Weight: 8lbs

 Whelped: 12/20/2016

Sire: CH Lindsey's 10 inch High Private Eye      Dam: CH Polly Pockets


Gizmo is a perfect representation of a tiny toy Australian Shepherd. He has a great top line, head, perfect ear set, eyes, hocks, he is the whole package. He also has the most soulful expression, a sweet loving disposition, and is the most gentle guy. Gizmo has a medium/low drive.

CD: N/N   CEA: N/N   CMR1: N/N   DM: N/N   HC: N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD: N/N​

Height: 11.1"              Weight: 10lbs

 Whelped: 6/25/2015

Sire: Latner's On the Cutting Edge      Dam: Latner's Focus on the Future


Marley is just Mr happy-go-lucky. He has a beautiful head, topline, thick bone, a great ear set, and a great coat. He looks like a great example of a big dog in a tiny size. Marley has a medium drive.


CD: N/N   CEA: N/N   CMR1: N/N   DM: N/N   HC: N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD: N/N​

Height: 12.75"              Weight: 18lbs

 Whelped: 9/22/2016

Sire: CH Pockets HotShot of Grandview      Dam: CH Lindsey's Brendy


Rebel is a very thick, heavily coated guy. He has a perfect skull, heavy ear set, great top line, and wonderful temperament. He is the "class clown" of the group. Rebel has a low drive.

CD: N/N   CEA: N/N   CMR1: N/N   DM: N/N   HC: N/N   MDR1:N/M   PRA/PRCD: N/N​

Height: 11"              Weight: 10.8lbs

 Whelped: 7/05/2016

Sire: CH Lindsey's 10 inch High Private Eye Dam: CH Lindsey's Gambling on Romantic Treasure


Dice is a well put together guy, with beautiful copper markings, very expressive eyes, 1/4 fold button ears, great coat, top line, and a great head as well.
Dice has a medium/low drive.

CD: N/N   CEA: N/N   CMR1: N/N   DM: N/N   HC: N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD: N/N​

Height: 12.5"              Weight: 13.6lbs

 Whelped: 12/30/2016

Sire: Beartooth's Baxter      Dam: Precious Piper of Cross K


Mardi is a great example of an Aussie shrunken down. He has a great head, top line, ear set, and more than enough coat to spare. He has two piercing blue eyes, that he passes to his puppies often. Mardi has a medium drive.

CD: N/N   CEA: N/N   CMR1: N/N   DM: N/N   HC: N/N   MDR1:N/N   PRA/PRCD: N/N​