Faith x Rebel

whelped on: 3/2/20. 

Faith is a beautifully built girl, with very correct angles! She is highly intelligent 13 inches tall and 13lbs. 

Rebel is the epitome of what a toy Aussie should be conformationally! He has a beautiful coar, head, ear set, topline, and angles. Rebel is 12.75" and 18lbs.

This little guy has a nice blocky head, flashy markings, and a very sweet personality. He is medium energy, but still full puppy! He is going to be a smart puppy! He should be around 12-13.5 inches!

Spoken for!

This little girl is the smallest in the litter! She is very sweet​ and always wanting to be loved on! She is going to a tiny, but very Aussie! She should mature to 11-12 inches.


Spoken for! Congratulations Sarah!

This little girl​ is very small, and compact!  She has a beautiful coat, is extremely sweet! She will likely mature to 11-12.5 inches!


Spoken for! Congratulations to the Reed Family!

This little girl will be 12-13 inches. She is pretty well rounded, moderate energy and a very sweet girl!

Spoken for!