Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a toy and mini Aussie?

Size should be the only difference. They should still resemble their standard counterparts. Toys typically range from 10-14” while minis range from 14-18” and standards will range from 18-23”.



What colors do Aussies come in?

Australian Shepherds come in four color patterns officially recognized. Black tri/bi (bi meaning no copper points), red tri/bi, blue merle, and red merle. There are other colors not recognized by the standard consisting of sable, dilute, and yellow. Dilutes are lighter than the normal colors; black dilutes appear slate, while red dilutes will appear almost lavender or faded brown.



Are size and eye color guaranteed?

While eye color is known pretty accurately by 4 weeks, eye color can in some cases change later blue eyes can go green on reds, and green eyes can go brown or hazel. Because of this, we do not guarantee eye color. Size is never a guarantee, through experience with your lines you can get a fairly accurate idea of puppy's adult sizes. But being a young breed, there are cases of “throw backs” to larger dogs from time to time. We do daily weight charting on puppies, which helps us have a general idea of what size they will be. Size charts are not accurate on this breed.



Are males or females better pets? How do I pick out my puppy?

Male or female is not the important part, it comes down to the individual puppy. Some males are the best dog you'll ever meet, some females are. It's best to match a puppy's personality and temperament to your lifestyle and needs! If you're not sure ask us! We've spent 8 weeks with any given puppy, and have a great idea of who is who. Meeting them only tells you who played out their energy and who just recharged. The active puppy is likely the one that just woke up, while the sweet napping puppies may have just played out every bit of energy!



Do Aussies shed a lot?

Some shed more than others. Typically, they will shed out coats seasonally. They will shed between their winter and summer coats. You can reduce shedding by combing out the loose hair often.



Do all Aussies have thick long coats? When will mine get theirs?

Aussie coats vary by line. Some have the thick fluffy coats, others have long silky coats that are more flowing than fluffy. Some will have working coats, which is just a term given for shorter more thin coats. Not all Aussies will have the long show coats! The parents of your puppy will give you a better idea. Typically they will grow in their adult coat around 10 months, but their full adult coat comes in after age two!



My puppy use to be so fluffy and cute...what happened??

Welcome to what we breeders jokingly call the puppy uglies! Its the equivalent to your 9 year old kids appearance when they are all teeth, legs, and just awkward looking. In Aussies, you get long legs, big ears, long noses, and no coat at all! They grow all out of proportion, but will be back to cute in no time! Just enjoy their awkward cuteness, as it only happens once!



If I'm getting a second Aussie, should I get a male and female or both the same?

Typically you will be fine either way. From experience, two females can in some cases have a little rivalry. If you have a female that is a little less easy going, I would recommend a male in this case. As long as both are fixed (spayed/neutered) there should be no issues!



If I am looking for a puppy, what is the process?

We do not officially advertise puppies until 5-6 weeks of age. We will show pictures and updates before then. But they are not looking for homes until they are older. They are officially old enough to leave between 8 and 10 weeks typically. Once they reach 5-6 weeks they will be advertised and a deposit ($300 non refundable) can be placed on them to hold them. This will be subtracted from the price when you pick them up!We do have wait lists, which do not require a deposit. This basically gives first refusal rights, assuming the puppy is what you were looking for. (Ie: Blue merle female from 'x' mom or tiny toy black tri female that is more of a lapdog).



Do puppies come with registration?

Yes, They will come with limited registration (pet homes). Full registration (breeding rights) can be purchased by approved homes. These are our kids, and not every breeding situation is what we want our babies in. Our dogs are pets first in our breeding program; breeding is not their priority, their health and happiness is!



Can I come visit your dogs?

As much as I would love to be able to bring everyone in to meet our dogs, for their safety the answer is no. All it takes is one step in the wrong place for someone to accidentally bring a virus that could take out all of our younger puppies that are too young to be vaccinated. There are also times when people will look at a breeder's dogs, and then want to visit here. We cannot control what diseases/viruses/etc are present on other's locations. So we do not allow visits, but do allow people to meet and pick up their puppies here!